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Nov. 2017 ~ Karrie Silva is an amazing massage therapist! It is likely the best massage you will ever experience. We are fortunate to have her here in Portland. (E. O’Rourke)

Nov. 2017 ~ Having a massage with Karrie is both deeply relaxing and highly therapeutic. Each time I've had a session with her she listened intently to what my needs were and addressed them. She's grounded, skilled at her craft and is very pleasant in disposition. I would highly recommend the work of Karrie at Aloha Therapeutics. She's totally dialed in. (E.K. Frey)

Nov. 2017 ~ I drive three hours (SEA-PDX) to see Karrie for what is the best massage work I have ever had! The combination/style of massage work she uses are perfect. I feel relaxed and my body feels "correct" after every session. She always lends advice about any issues I'm having concerning my body-be it stretches or tips for during exercise. (H. Herr)

Nov. 2017 ~ I would highly recommend a massage from Karrie! She is highly communicative, receptive and skilled. I leave each appointment feeling so relaxed, aligned, and calm. (J. McQuade)

Nov. 2017 ~ Karrie is an amazing massage therapist. She is very grounded and intuitive in finding underlying issues. I am an athlete that puts my muscles and body through a lot of stress and Karrie is a master at unraveling the knots and stress points. She is also very good at suggesting ways to stretch better. (cs c.)

Nov. 2017 ~ Karrie is great! She has a very relaxed and welcoming demeanor. I echo the other reviews on here when I say that she doesn't only provide a great massage, but also ideas on how you can stretch more (and better) on your own. You leave feeling cared for. I highly recommend her. (L. Wong)

Nov. 2017 ~ I feel so fortunate to have found Karrie. She provides everything I want in a therapeutic massage. She provides a great balance of technique and thoroughness while maintaining a relaxing vibe. As an biker/trail runner she gives great feedback on stretching and rolling techniques... I always get something useful to take home. Also she's done some innovative work on neck/shoulder/hands for me that has been extremely helpful. 

Her work is deep and thorough - I suggest 90 minutes to let her work her magic~ (Laura H.)

Nov. 2017 ~ Karrie is amazing! Not only is she a highly skilled massage therapist, she's also an incredibly open and warm person. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. (K. Zickert)

Nov. 2017 ~ Sometimes you need therapeutic massage, sometimes you need to relax. I've found most massage therapists are really good at one or the other. Karrie is the exception and is amazing at both. Hands down best massage therapist around. Karrie is really talented and a joy to be around. Highly recommended. (D. Lefco)

Oct. 2018 ~ Karrie was super receptive to my needs, and literally gave me the best massage of my life! She was professional and friendly and very understanding. And her hands are STRONG! I need a super hard massage and she was perfect. (Joseph B.)

Nov. 2018 ~ Aloha Therapeutics offers the best of acute therapeutic care and also, tension and relaxation therapy. The massage was thorough, yet tailored to my needs and injury, and I left there in a most singularly relaxed state! You can't go wrong with Karrie! (Robert B.)

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