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E Komo Mai


Inspiring awareness in every client thru touch and movement by providing genuine heartfelt healing and integrated massage techniques.

"Ho'omoe Wai Kahi Ke Kao'o"
Let Us Travel Together Like Water Flowing In One Direction 

Hawaiian Proverbs, Values & Truths Olelo No'eau to Live The Sacred Hawaiian Way


Lomi Lomi

The base of my practice lies in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. Each session I pray for guidance to ancestors for a  safe, nurturing and healing session leaving you feeling balanced and restored. Loving intentions and gratitude for the practice are set throughout the journey.

The strokes are long and flowing mimicking the ocean. Lomi lomi can be light and relaxing or deep and therapeutic using palms, knuckles, forearms and sometimes knees and elbow.

What the fascia??

fascial tension body fill no back ground

Connective tissue! Like cotton...It's the fabric of our lives. :)

Lately I've been taking workshops learning more about this amazing web in our body it's all connected man. 

I've been incorporating some principles and techniques from Structural Integration bodywork and implementing them into my lomi lomi practice. Client results have been amazing! I'm seeing dynamic change in posture, improved quality of life and extreme awareness. So grateful to be sharing this gift.

Here's a link to learn more about SI bodywork.



Have you been in a collision? In the state of Oregon, if you are injured in a car, pedestrian, or bicycle crash, then your PIP insurance will pay for your “medical bills”, regardless of who was at fault, for up to 24 months after the collision or up to $15,000, whichever occurs first. This coverage is Oregon's version of no-fault insurance. With a referral from your doctor (M.D., N.D. or D.C.) your massage is covered by your PIP insurance.

I treat:

  • Upper back neck and shoulder pain including whiplash, nerve entrapments, headaches, and pain from seat belt restriction.

  • Lower back, hip & knee pain.

  • Later stage manual therapy treatments include joint mobility, traction and movement education.


I incorporate comprehensive relaxation and subtle craniosacral techniques. This encourages unwinding and trauma decompression to naturally take place.

To schedule your Collision Therapy session 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at (808) 269-5260 or email

motor vehicle accident massage mva

E.K. Frey

Having a massage with Karrie is both deeply relaxing and highly therapeutic. Each time I've had a session with her she listened intently to what my needs were and addressed them. She's grounded, skilled at her craft and is very pleasant in disposition. I would highly recommend the work of Karrie at Aloha Therapeutics. She's totally dialed in.



Originally I'm from California, by way of Maui for the past 10 years. I grew up with a big hispanic family; every weekend I would be the one walking on uncles back or squeezing aunties shoulders. Not a surprise to anyone I'm on the path of wellness and healing. I'm a passionate body mover since I was young doing aerobics videos like The Firm and Mousercise on Disney Channel! Today I'm stoked on swinging kettlebells, FUNctional fitness, rolling around on the floor, hiking in nature and learning about local plants in the north west. My most recent training has been in Structural Integration and the FASCIAnating world of fascia.

I truly look forward to meeting you!

Sandy Beach

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2274 NW Raleigh St.

Portland, OR 97210

(808) 269-5260



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